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5 Family Activities to do on Labor Day Weekend

Even though school has already started for most people, I’ve always considered Labor Day Weekend as the final kick off of the summer and the beginning of the school year. So I always like planning out something frugal for the final weekend!

1. Camping
Who doesn’t love packing up and heading out into the wilderness for the weekend! My kids love camping and it’s always something I’ve loved doing too! The great thing about camping on Labor Day Weekend is that its not extremely humid (like it was in July and August!) so you can enjoy a great outdoors weekend with the fam!

2. Local Festivals
Check your city’s website for local activities taking place, because most of the time there are festivals, events, and family activities going on for Labor Day Weekend. These festivals are usually either free, or very low cost to get in and you can make it a whole day event with the your little ones.

3. Go Swimming
This maybe the last nice weekend to take your kids to your local swimming park and let them enjoy swimming outdoors before the temperature drops. You can pack up a picnic, and make a whole day out of it you can do all these thing by purchasing target coupons.

4. Go Hiking
Going hiking is not only a great outdoors educational experience for your young ones, but it’s also great for getting some fitness! You can go to your local state park or national park and hike through the trails. Ensure to bring a first aid kit, lots of water, snacks, and fruits so you can get a good day event out of your hiking excursion.

5. Plan a Family BBQ
Now that the summer is over, most people are going to start getting into a busier routine and that includes your extended family. Why not throw a big family BBQ for Labor Day, but most of the time that’s the last time you’ll see them until Christmas gatherings begin. You can make it a very basic BBQ by just grilling up some hamburgers, or turn it into a potluck so that not all of the work falls on you! Don’t forget to use up some of your baby coupons to save your hard-earned money on prepping for the BBQ!

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How To Stop Wasting Food

Unfortunately in North Azmerica, wasting food has become a large problem in our society. In fact, 1.3 BILLION tons of food is wasted around the world each year. This is so unfortunate because there are so many countries in the world that have people dying everyday of starvation. So are some tips on how you can stop wasting so much food (and money!):

Stick To Your List
When you are grocery shopping, and you see a great sale, so many people buy the product just because it’s on sale. However, you should refrain from this. Before you go grocery shopping, make a list and STICK to that list and take some target coupons. Don’t get side tracked on the stores sales of the week because that causes you to buy unneeded food.

Use Leftovers

I hear of so many people who throw out whatever food is leftover from dinner and it makes me cringe to hear this! Not only are you wasting valuable food, but you might as well just throw away your money too! When dinner is done and there are usable leftovers, put them in a plastic container and you or someone in your family can take them to work the next day for lunch.

Plan Your Meals
Usually on the weekends, I have a meal plan in mind for the week and I precook my food. If you plan out your meals for the week, you are able to determine what you need and how much of it you’ll need. If you will purchase some >]target coupons then this will help to eliminate waste.

Buy Proper Food Storage Containers
Of course we all want to buy the $1.00 plastic containers at the DollarTree, but if you are able to, you should invest in a glass container set as these actually keep your left over foods fresh longer than the plastic containers, not to mention that they are much safer for reheating your food.

Store Food Properly
There are many different methods you can use to ensure you food stays fresh longer. For example, for celery, carrots, and lettuce soak them in cold water so they stay fresher. Store your greens in a container with a damp paper towel, this will keep them fresher. If you have fruit that is overripe, cook it into your dinner. So many people just throw out fruits that are over ripe and it’s such a waste! Make a fruit pizza, or just grill them up to have for dinner.

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3 Ways to Save Money at the Movie Theatre

We all love going to a movie with either friends, family, or a date . It’s always fun to go see a movie that you’ve never seen before, spend some time with friends or family, and of course, have some snacks! However, because the movie theatre industry has become such a monopoly they also raise those prices and a simple movie night can turn into a very expensive night out! For a family of four (2 adults & 2 children) it can cost the following:
2 Adults $25.98 (2 x $12.99)
2 Children $17.98 (2 x $8.99)
***This is WITHOUT food!
So I’ve done the research to find the absolute best strategies for you to save money on your movie nights whether you are going with a friend, a group of friends, or your whole family! By purchasing Target Coupons, Have some tips that I missed? Comment below!

Go on “Cheap Night”
Most movie theatres feature a “cheap night” (it’s usually Tuesday). This “cheap night” is usually about 50% off the regular price. Cheap night is Tuesday at Empire Theatres, Cineplex, and Cinemark. AMC Theatres doesn’t appear to have a cheap night, but they do offer some great discounts randomly on tickets and food. Their August deal is 50% off Combo 1 or 2 Regal Cinemas also does not offer cheap nights, but offers many great discounts on food and tickets randomly. They also offer $2 Candy Monday, $2 Popcorn Tuesday, and Regal Value Days randomly where you can get great discounts on tickets.

Bring Your Own Concessions
Food and drinks at the movie theatres can run up to a fairly hefty bill, so bring your own! I usually pop up some popcorn, go to the DollarTree and grab some bags of candy for the kids, and bring cans of pop or coffee . You can honestly save yourself $30 to $50!

Sign Up for Movie Rewards
So many people think purchasing target coupons are scams, but the truth is they are designed to reward those movie-goers who frequently attend movies. AMC Theatres offers a program called AMB Stubs™, Regal Cinemas offers the Crown Club, and Cinemark offers a weekly email program where they send you exclusive discounts and offers.

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5 Tips for Saving on Your Summer Vacation

Tis the season for summer vacationing! We all love taking a little road trip, jetting off somewhere, or taking a staycation, but vacations can also be hard on your budget. Here are some tips and resources that will help you cut back on your vacation expenses and keep you on budget.
Of course when your traveling with your family, you don’t usually have time to prepare home cooked meals so you usually end up eating out most of the time. Eating out for three per day for 3-4 people can soon add up to a very hefty bill. So check out for coupons, ecoupons, target coupons and daily deals on restaurants that you can use while your on vacation to save.

If you are going to one city in particular, you can search for a city pass. These are great! Basically, you purchase the city pass and you usually have access to multiple events, things to do, and attractions. It’s a great way to help you save hundreds on tickets and passes that you would buy individually.
If you are required to fly to your destination, try to book as far ahead in advance as possible so you don’t get hit with a larger than normal plane ticket price. is one that I use quick regularly as it basically provides me all the search results for all flights and then I can choose the cheapest. However, there are other websites as well such as,,,, and
I’m a HUGE fan of Groupon and if I’m going to go on vacation to a particular city, I always sign up for email alerts from Groupon for that city. Again, a great way to get great deals that allow you to do more while on vacation.Groupon has attraction deals, restaurant deals, shopping deals, [ur=]household coupons[/url] and entertainment deals on a daily basis.

This is a fairly new up and coming website that allows home owners to post their home, condo, or dwelling as a vacation rental for vacationers to save money. You can view their profile, owners get reviews from past renters, and these owners usually charge a fraction of the price that you’ll end up spending on a hotel.

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Target Coupons Your Way Through “Back To School” Shopping

Hard to believe it’s that time of year again! But the new school season will be quickly approaching before we know it. Only downfall of it is that buying all the school supplies for your little one can really rack up a hefty bill. Follow these top five tips on how to Target coupons your way through “Back To School” shopping and save your money!

1. Search The House First
You wouldn’t believe how much supplies you actually have just laying around your house that you could be using as school supplies for your kids! Look in kitchen drawers, through your office, and in your children’s desks and you may end up finding half your list!

2. Stick to the Teacher’s List
I can’t tell you how many times I get to Office Depot or Staples and I start going off the tracks because there are so many cute things there for kids! But usually those rack up more than the supplies you actually need, so just stick to what you need and maybe one side treat for the little one.

3. Compare the Flyers
Just last week I was comparing an Office Max flyer to a Staples flyer and then I mapped out which supplies was cheapest and where. As long as the stores aren’t miles apart from one another, you can go to a 2-3 stores to get your supplies.

4. Buy School Supplies on a Sales Tax Holiday
By purchasing your school supplies on a Sales Tax Holiday, you avoid having to pay taxes on it! You can check to see which dates are Sales Tax Holidays for your state at holiday

5. Finally – USE COUPONS!
I obviously feel very strongly about this one! For back to school shopping season, stores such as Walmart, Target, Staples, and Office Depot are all competing against one another to get you to shop at their stores. So they are pumping out some awesome deals and coupons such as baby coupons, household coupons, target coupons etc, but it’s your responsibility to find these deals. Coupon-Smart also publishes new coupons, deals, and freebies every day so check back to regularly.

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